After 6 years as senior agent at Regan Talent Group Manchester, Nicola Bolton decided it was time to go it alone and set up her own agency - Nicola Bolton Management.

Working with associate agent Bryony Pulizzi, the agency already has a list of successful clients, working in top TV comedy and drama.

In this 2 HOUR chat, Nicola and Bryony explain what makes a great agent, what it takes for you to sign with one, and members of Act On This jump on camera for some 1-2-1 career advice too!

Does all UK casting have to be London-centric? With an increasing amount of filming and touring happening around the rest of the UK, this session will highlight how casting and talent management works regionally, and how to get the most opportunities for yourself outside of London.


Join Backstage's Hannah along with Nicola & Bryony of Nicola Bolton Management for this Zoom webinar all about Nicola's North England based agency, how she works with her clients, sources new talent and moulds their careers.